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Intranet and Contribute Learning Materials

Below are the training materials we have made available to pilot participants:

Materials used for the Intranet training on June 14 and 15th
You can get to the tutorial used in the class by starting Contribute and clicking on the tutorial link in the lower left panel. Then click on "Connect to a website", then click on "this Link". Alternatively you can click on this link and go their directly.

The handout and the powerpoint slides that the class was based on is available here.

The Intranet handout is also available.
Macromedia's online training Videos for Contribute (requires Quicktime installed on your computer)
If you watch all the videos available here, you will get a complete introductory course on using and administering Contribute.
Contribute Development Center
This site is is primarily targeted at Contribute Administrators but it occationally has some really useful nuggets for the more typical user. For instance it has an article on converting images for the web and some online video tutorials.
Higher Ed In-Service training materials
This site provides a full training course along with all supporting materials for teaching faculty and staff how to use Contribute to create and maintain a web site for a fictional sociology department.
Copies of each of the following books are available for check out Paul Davis. Additional books will be added as deamed appropriate.
Mastering Macromedia Contribute -- by Shaowen and Jeffrey Bardzell

Roadmap to Macromedia Contribute -- by Joseph Lowery
3 copies of Macromedia Contribute for Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide -- by Tom Negrino


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